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As we near the November elections all indicators are that we will see another crash of the market. My prediction is a four thousand point drop. Currently brokers are fattening up their commissions by encouraging their clients to continue to buy in what they feel is a continuing Bear market, when they know it is not true. Their hope is to make a killing in commission to carry them thru the coming crash financially. Today is the best day to cash out till January 2013.  Click the following site to Learn and Live: http://sreaves32.wordpress.com

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Is your lifetime of savings actually safe with your local McKinney, Texas’ stockbroker?  Does your church, whom you support, have a large part of their investments with a corporate-investment-type stockbroker?  Does your company have large investments funding your retirement income through a corporate-type-investment stockbroker?  Check out the reputation of your McKinney, Texas’ stock-broker on-line, who is handling these investments, before it is too late for you.  Click the following link, enter name of broker for info on filings for unethical behavior:    http://brokercheck.finra.org

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