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“Your Little Green Friends

One of my dearest friends from over thirty-five years ago was a gentleman by the name of Cliff Russell.  Cliff is dead now.  At that time he was the Father in a loving spirit that my real Father never was, between his drunken whisky binges.  One day while in my thirties I related to him my disappointment with an individual that I thought was a friend. 

Cliff had an easy way about him when he was offering advice. It was that “home-grown” attitude from being born and raised in Louisiana.  He related, “Johnny, let me show you, what your best friends in life look like.”  Slowly he withdrew from his pocket a roll of hundred dollar bills.  As the saying goes, “The roll was big enough to choke a horse.”  

Cliff went on to say, “This is your Little Green Friends. They will keep you warm when you are cold, cool when you are hot, and will buy you all the company, you will ever want, when you are lonely.”  To this day I have never forgotten one of the loving lessons given to me in my life from a dear, now departed friend.


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