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(The little boy’s story in the poem is true and a time from my own past.) This Christmas Season of 2013, I was thinking of my Father. This poem mentions him several times. I remember how dirty he was when he came home from work when I was a little boy. My Father was an iron and steel worker.  After he came home and took a bath, my Mother would then attempt to clean the ring out of the bathtub from his bath.  Many times with close to a half hour of scrubbing, she still could not get it out.  In those days, my Father made about a hundred dollars a week.  He worked very hard for that money.


I remember fondly Christmas’ past
our first tree alive with lights
before it caught fire later that week.
I remember fondly the Christmas with toys.
Never before had my brother and I received toys.
How angry my Father became when we broke several
toys after a few hours of play.
It was my Father’s first Christmas bonus
as a steel worker.
He spent that bonus on toys for us that Christmas.
He thought those toys would never break.
I remember fondly a special Christmas as a kid
when no money was available whatsoever for toys.
We found a punch-out cardboard castle in a
department store window.
One dollar and ninety-eight cents was the price of that castle.
My young brother and I played with it for days.
A punch-out castle was the best toy we ever had.
I remember fondly Christmas past,
acting in the church Christmas pageant.
I was a little child with the beard of a prophet
shaking in a spotlight in the church play.
It snowed that night.
My best friend and I asked
permission to keep wearing the beards.
A most beautiful snow floated through the air
as we walked home together.
The dirty streets of the city were made
clean and white with heavy, swirling snow flakes.
We sang church carols walking home
our arms around each other’s shoulder.
How close to baby Jesus we were back then.
I remember fondly Christmas’ past
when life seemed so much simpler.
Joys more easily shared with
laughter much deeper than now.
Still I thank God that I had those Christmas’ past
even to this special day of a new Christmas.
Another December which will also will soon be gone
into the misty memory of another Christmas’ past.  

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Another great Reblog from my WordPress followers…..Funny…Funny..Enjoy.

Covered in Beer

first-welfare-caseThanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. Looking back on my younger school days, I can remember the lame way we were taught about the first Thanksgiving like it was a wholesome party on top of Plymouth Rock. They ignored the fact that the Pilgrims had no business being there and the Native Americans would have been perfectly within their rights to shove a hot spear into thou’st rectums; but they didn’t.

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A Commentary by John J. Rigo in the Blessings of a full life. Copyright 2013 John J. Rigo

A Commentary by John J. Rigo in the Blessings of a full life. Copyright 2013 John J. Rigo

My wife is a meticulous housekeeper.  It is a huge challenge at present.  We are blessed in now having three homes and one commercial property to keep up while we are in the process of “down sizing,” and planning for what we hope will be our long-term retirement.

I shot this picture early this morning with my Samsung Smartphone.  It is a picture of the fireplace in our lake home in Gun Barrel City, Texas. I felt a sense of beauty with the lone web extending to the tip of the candle holder.  Even my wife got humor when I pointed it out and did not say, “Oh My God, I need to clean this place.”  We both were thankful for our full and busy life with our “projects” and I especially, with my “Honey-Do List.”  Blessings this day to my WordPress family in their celebration of this coming Thanksgiving holiday.

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In the five years I have been with the WordPress family I do not recall over four or five negative comments sent to me. The WordPress family is a constant “Feel Good” experience on the internet. WordPress is the reason I feel a daily joy in sharing my published poetry work as well as my commentary postings.
John J. Rigo
Texas‘ Poet and Commentator

The Real Janna Hill

Once upon a time a long, a long time ago (before Black Friday) Thanksgiving was a celebration of harvest and a time to give thanks. Hence the name thanksgiving.

I don’t think the early pilgrims had a Super Walmart, a Sears or a Best Buy yet somehow they managed. Can you imagine having to grow your own food and prepare it without the help of google? When did they have time? Where did they get their Stove Top stuffing and who plucked the turkeys? How did those crazy pilgrims do it?

I didn’t really know any of those pilgrims but I did see a John Wayne movie once. John knew a pilgrim when he saw one. He seemed to know a lot of pilgrims but that was a long time ago too.John Wayne

I propose we are all pilgrims, each one of us on a journey of sorts. Our own…

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"We need each other on a human level of communication." comment by John J. Rigo, Texas' Commentator

“We need each other on a human level of communication.” comment by John J. Rigo, Texas’ Commentator

My mind still does not accept they are gone from this world.
I find myself many a time reaching for a phone
to call them.
It is a select group
these souls that were a part of my life.
Some are friends
that cannot ever be replaced
in the deep meaning of their unselfish love of me.
Others were my parents
who I never really knew as people.
There was the apple of my eye,
my step-daughter of many years.
Truly the only daughter
I ever knew in my life.
There were others
that I would have liked to have known better
they are now gone
without any notice from my life.
At times I find them in my thoughts
mind speaking with them about different things
reaching and seeking unresponsive council  from now
an unfamilar place in my heart.
I know they are not really gone
they are just in a different place than me
a place that beckons me as my own death comes closer each day.
You see I never have gotten comfortable with Death.
So my dear friends
my dearest of loved ones
make a place for me.
A place where again
we can laugh and love
and talk about
all that is around us
each day of the eternity before us.

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Taken Sunrise on Black Friday, November 25th 2011 in Gun Barrel City on Cedar Creek Lake in Texas at OZ our lakehome

The following poem from my first published book, has been a favorite  poem for many years.  It has been republished several times in the Dallas Morning News, The McKinney Courier Gazette, and various major web sites.  From my family to yours, our best wishes and blessings.  

Over the last year, I am especially appreciative of all the positive feedback I have received on this WordPress web site.  Thank You All!

Blessings, a special gift from God.
Given in prayer
given when no hope
seems apparent.
Blessings bring joys
when there is darkness
laughter where there are tears.
Could these blessings be
but tears from God?
A way that our God lets us know,
that He truly is there
and yes
He does exist?
At times these gifts are given
when never expected
to let us know
truly love and concern
is there for us all. 
If you have forgotten on this day
the many special blessings rendered to you.
In this blessed thing called Life.
Get on your knees
render thanks to our God.
He will only bless you
with more of His eternal Love.

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As of November 23rd, 2013, the “Texas‘ Poetry Site” reached another milestone of 43,000 plus hits.  My deepest thanks and appreciation to the WordPress family, and all those who share my spiritual poetry work, as well as my Texas’ Commentary posts regarding my new communities in Henderson County, Texas, Eustace, Texas, Gun Barrel City, Texas and the Nation. 

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