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Picture taken this a.m. on September 26th 2012 in QT station on McDonald Street in McKinney, Texas. Young black man seeking employment. One Kindness Deserves Another.

Early this morning I noticed a tire that looked like it was running flat on my old model Lexus.  I pulled into a QT gas station on McDonald Street in McKinney, where I noticed they had free air.  After pulling into the slot and getting the hose, a good looking black man approached me, who was also waiting to put air into the tires of his car, and asked if he could help me fill the tire.  He actually got down on one knee and made sure tire had enough air.

When finished I was blown away for his kindness, I said, “One kindness deserves another. What can I do to repay your kindness.”  His remark, “I need a job.”  I then told him about my blog site and if he did not mind that I took his picture with my smart phone, I would post it on my blog site with his work background and contract info.

His name Cloudis Winbush.  His contact phone number is 972-863-9492. He is 45, a High School graduate with some college. He is seeking general labor work.  He can work heavy equipment, for example a fork lift.  Also his sister, who he lives with is also seeking employment.  She can do day care and cashier work.  Her unemployment is running out and is deeply concerned about paying the rent for both of them.  

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