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It was yesterday at my favorite pizza place in McKinney, Texas
that you came forth and touched me.
There you were with long blond hair in a pony tail.
Tall, beautiful and bright as you approached me.
Your arms reached around my neck
your body pressed close to me
as you kissed my cheek.
Within me something stirred
a regretfully forgotten memory of long ago.
You said your name
as if I should have had immediate recall.
I did not.
My wife related that yes I should remember her
from thirty years ago in my life.
She was a member of my ex-wife’s family.
Still I do not remember her.
What a two-fold Blessing and Curse.
To be touched by Love from our past
and yet not recall such love from another time.
Still this day
I carry the memory
of being touched by Love.
It was truly wonderful. 

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Picture taken with Samsung Smart Phone on June 30, 2012 at 7 a.m. on Northwood Shores in Gun Barrel City, Texas on Cedar Creek Lake.

This morning my eyes beheld the beautiful hair of angels.
It was upon the morning skies before me.
Long strands of silver across the raising sun.
Surely the blessings of our Lord
are before us each day.
Clear signs of his glory and love
for us all. 

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View from “Oz” at 7 a.m. on February 25th 2012 on Cedar Creek Lake, Texas

View from “Oz” on Cedar Creek Lake, Texas, February 25th 2012 at 7 a.m.


“Another View of God’s Church”

I have been to many churches in my lifetime.
None can compare to the beauty of my church.
My church lies outside my back door.
Before me lies miles of beautiful water
its beauty more clarifying upon a Sunrise morning.
The clouds above this church of God’s home
are higher than any church steeple.
There is no wall or ceiling painting to equal
the clouds above my church.
No gilded statue that equals the sun’s glory
as it breaks forth upon the horizon.
There is no choir that rises above the sweet sound
of the wind that sings across my ears.
There is no preacher, preaching to me
nor a basket asking for my coin.
No where else can one
be any closer to God.

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I could see the sadness in her eyes
as each chunk of her golden hair came forth in her hand.
She placed her once shining, golden flax into a plastic bag
to be reminded of the beauty of her hair.
Her hair stylist assured her that baking soda
washed gently in her hair would prevent
the falling of her hair from her scalp.
In giving her this suggestion
the stylist refused to cut her hair shorter
in order to make her lost easier to bear.
The stylist was wrong.
Bear witness to the shining and blotched scalp
where beautiful golden hair once resided.
Nightmares of her past returned to her.
Remembrance of a childhood ring worm of her head
returned to haunt her again
of laughing classmates
finger-pointing to stocking capped head.
The Spector of Death upon a black chair
drove her to the decision
to move forward to this dreaded treatment.
Was the fear real
or made to fill the pockets of her doctors?
Payments for the Rolls convertible that sat
shiny and pale green in the doctor’s slot
of the cancer treatment center.
A large cow-like-barn room
where milking looking machines of death
pumped their questionable medicine into their hosts.
A winged angel of slow death
masked as an Angel of Life
to claim another possible victim
in its green flow of money from perhaps
its victims?
Dear God,
please protect
the one I love so dearly
from this possible
self-inflicted treatment.

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We knew immediately
that there was something
very special between us. 
It happened in the first moment
our eyes met and our hands touched. 
We reached into our minds
within the same second
for a prior memory of us. 
The memory was a distant eternal calling
of another time and dimension. 
We both knew
it was not of this time
in this space
in this moment.
Both of our eyes wanted
to turn away in embarrassment 
as our faces flushed
in the awkwardness of the moment. 
A warm recalling passion
overtook our thoughts.  
We mouthed our formal greetings 
like children at play.
Our voices slightly breaking
in forming the words 
of our greeting. 
An instant heat played upon our lips 
created electricity in our hands touching. 
We knew in that very moment 
an eternity of prior lovers 
had been before
this moment in time.
Without reason
for the meeting to linger 
we regretfully broke
the magic that bound us. 
Where we meant
to be rejoined again?

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There are very few individuals that we met in a lifetime that make a positive impression on us. Joe was that kind of human.

Texas Poetry

Joe passed away on February 12th, 2010.
It was after the record snow storm of February 2010.
The power went out in their home.
He and is wife, Christine were moving into temporary
quarters in the New Comfort Inn of Mabank, Texas
when he quietly passed on.
Joe would have been 81.
Joe was a sweet, loving and very kind man.
He loved McKinney, Texas.
Whenever he spoke of McKinney
his face took on a glow of peace,
his childhood, his friends, his memories
were many of those days in McKinney.
There was a deep longing in his voice
for some of those memories.
Some of those memories were with extreme joy,
while others seemed to carry regret.
As with all of us,
one could not have lived a full life
without a certain amount of regret.
I will miss Joe
and our talks,
when he sat down with…

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“One of Seven Poems of “The Master’s Series of Poetry.”

On this day
the Master revealed
His greatest gift to mankind.
This gift was rendered on a mountain of stone
reflected on a setting sun
to a multitude of many
in one of the many lessons
given to multitudes in those years. 
The question
that came toward the end of that day
was, “ Master, what is the greatest gift
that God gives to all of us?”  asked the young
man in the multitude of that day.
The Master replied,
“The greatest gift that my Father gives to all
is the secret of Forgiveness.
In rendering forgiveness to ones self
and also forgiveness of others
does a sinner reveal
the keys to heaven
and the eternal Love of our Father.
Forgiveness assures the eternal love of the Father
and being in the arms of His Love forever.”
So said the Master of my life
on this day.

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