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My Memorial to my four years of active duty in the U.S. Air Force.  Many are not blessed in having a memorial while they are living.  Thanks to Mabank, Texas, a small city of class on Cedar Creek Lake in East Texas. Copyright 2014 John J. Rigo

My Memorial to my four years of active duty in the U.S. Air Force. Many are not blessed in having a memorial while they are living. Thanks to Mabank, Texas, a small city of class on Cedar Creek Lake in East Texas. Copyright 2014 John J. Rigo

Proposed Cover for my third non-profit poetry book.

Proposed Cover for my third non-profit poetry book.

There are crosses

across the plains

of my life.


Each cross

a friend

a past love

a step-child

an ex-wife.


Memories of them

will always be with me.

The path of coming death

do I also walk.


Thank you Jesus

for rendering the love

of these souls

on the path

that I walk.


I know we shall

all met again

in the glory

in the joy

before us all.

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Singing in the rain

Singing in the rain (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Singin' in the Rain

Singin’ in the Rain (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

"Dancing in the Rain" by John J. Rigo, picture courtesy of tumblr.com

“Dancing in the Rain” by John J. Rigo, picture courtesy of tumblr.com

I am singing in the rain with you.
Our feet dancing between the rain drops.
Our cares belong to tomorrow.
Our hands clenched while skipping over puddles.
Just singing in the rain together.
This is truly what love is all about.
You and me together
with glistening raindrops
upon our laughing faces.
This is our moment of our love together
just singing and dancing
in the rain together.  


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Courtesy of footage.shutterstock.com

A bright blue sky day.
Water with a spray of diamonds.
Rays of warmth upon my face.
You at my side
with that special smile
that I love above all expressions
that pass over your face each day.
Let us hold this close to us
in what seems not enough time for
just the two of us.
Cherish this day
love this day
with all we have.
For we will never know
how many
if any
of these days are before us.
We have each other
with our love for one another.
What could be worth
more than just this day?

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.....is never lost.  Picture courtesy of John J. Rigo copyrighted 2013

…..is never lost. Picture courtesy of John J. Rigo copyrighted 2013

A ship in the sea of life
riding each wave of life
seeking the warm sun of each day.
The beauty of each dream as night falls
is never lost as it heads
toward the curve of each horizon.
Storms will blow
onward do we flow
in love and courage
by His hand.
Tomorrow brings the knowing in His love
the vastness of the ocean
is not so alone.
As long as we believe
we will never be alone.
For His love
surpasses all of this.
This and time beyond
this brief sea of life.          



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“One of Seven Poems of “The Master‘s Series of Poetry.”

On this day
the Master revealed
His greatest gift to mankind.
This gift was rendered on a mountain of stone
reflected on a setting sun
to a multitude of many
in one of the many lessons
given to multitudes in those years. 
The question
that came toward the end of that day
was, “ Master, what is the greatest gift
that God gives to all of us?”  asked the young
man in the multitude of that day.
The Master replied,
“The greatest gift that my Father gives to all
is the secret of Forgiveness.
In rendering forgiveness to ones self
and also forgiveness of others
does a sinner reveal
the keys to heaven
and the eternal Love of our Father.
Forgiveness assures the eternal love of the Father
and being in the arms of His Love forever.”
So said the Master of my life
on this day.

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Courtesy of Favin.com

I kiss thee
with my heart
upon my lips.
My breath held
in anticipation
of the moment.
Held so long
afraid to take
that next breath.
This magic
overtakes me
in this moment
forever locked
in your embrace.

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Courtesy of sligofbay.hubpages.com

If I could have been anything I could have been
I would have been a healer in my life.
The placing of my hands upon a sick individual
would bring a healing.
What a wonderful gift it would be
to see the blind have sight
the lame walk
the mentally ill be whole
any sickness
any stage of pending death
all would be healed
while saying a prayer
in the name of Jesus.
If I could have been anything in my life
I would have been a healer.
I would not ask for this gift for myself
but to render it all those loving individuals
that I meet each day
that truly love Jesus.
Lord grant me the gift of a healer
thru my deeds
thru my poetry words
thru my prayers.

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Courtesy of tatoodonkey.com

I recalled this memory.
I was five or six
it was the middle of morning
when I hear my Mother moaning
in the lowest of voices
as to not wake my Brother or me.
“Please John, don’t hit me again.”
“Please don’t hurt me.”
Please….Please, you are hurting me.”
It has been sixty-five years
since that memory.
Still every once in a while
that memory returns
to haunt my very soul.
My Father came in late that night.
He had been drinking.

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Courtesy of favena.blogspot.com

Courtesy of favena.blogspot.com

At times it would be nice
to have a pair of magic red shoes.
Just clicking them together three times
would do the trick.
Suddenly I would be transported
to wherever my mind of memory
would wish to go.
At this very moment
I could easily think of a dozen places
I would love to be at this moment.
Each time frame
would place me at a time and place
where I felt greatly loved.
Where there was a skip in my step
and a constant grin on my face.
I can easily bring to mind
scenes of such places in my past.
Skipping through a mall with her
like a school child.
Dancing with her
for the first time
with my arm around her waist. 
Ah yes then their were those
first kisses
always soft
always remembered
always joyful
in the way those kisses went to my toes.
Truthly knowing what I know now
would I have taken more time
to savor every moment.
Time in remembering every detail
of the places of my youth
where my magic red shoes
would have taken my heart.  

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"The Abuser" A Poem by John J. Rigo

“The Abuser” A Poem by John J. Rigo

Commentary for January 10th, 2015:  Much is said about spousal abuse, especially about husbands abusing their wives.  Rarely is addressed is a wife’s abusive behavior toward her husband, especially in the area of verbal abuse.  In my own life’s experience, nothing kills love quicker that the nasty and bitter tongue of a woman toward her man. 
Example of such behavior, is the wife, who just getting ready to turn over in bed at night, after the mandatory kiss, has to open her trap to make some criticism of her man before going to sleep. Sometimes, I start to actually believe that certain religions that treat woman like luggage, are truly on the right track! 
The words were hammered blows to my heart.
A stranger would dare not speak such words to me
crushing fists would they find
quickly pounding their bodies.
The slap of the glove upon their face
to face certain death on the field of honor.
The answer to your acts are simple enough
you are an abuser.
Your love of God and Jesus
but a front
a lie to all.
Deep within your heart lies hate
pouring on one who has loved you
beyond all others.
A faithful friend
you no longer are to me.
I have seen your soul.
It is dark
ridden with the shit of the world
upon your lips.
Oh where
oh where
did my love go.
You are without honor
or truth
in your declared love.

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