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1959 Painting by John J. Rigo, titled, “Mother’s Sorrow.”

The gate stood high and firm before the light of paradise.
It had been this way for thousands of years.
The only light revealed was the light of God
through its bars.
A sound of longing was heard
from the millions of souls before its barrier.
There seemed to be no hope for reunion with God.
The day of days,
the hour of redemption
finally came to this place,
beginning with a cry of joy
from these souls.
Beyond the gates a cross appeared,
equal to the height and width of the gate.
The joy formed a song of everlasting love
on the lips of these souls.
It was a song unlike any sound ever heard before
or since this moment.
The words, “It is done,” were heard above the song.
The gate was no more.
The souls of God’s creation were returned home.  

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Every so often
God in His mercy
renders us the insight
of our lives.
The purpose of all of this
which most of the time
remains hidden.
It is a way of keeping the gift before us.
A way to show us what we are here for
and what is ahead.
A way of sharing the joy
to encourage us
to reward us
to place us on the path of wholeness.
It is but part of second
a flash of memory that lingers on
leaving the shape of hope
and faith bound to us
within the depth of us.

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