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In reposting my work, my heart always turns back to the poems of the “Master Series,” a group of seven poems demonstrating other aspects of Jesus upon His time on the earth. It is not me that writes but the inspiration of my Lord and Savior that renders these words.[

Texas Poetry

On this day
the Master revealed
His greatest gift to mankind.
This gift was rendered on a mountain of stone
reflected on a setting sun
to a multitude of many
in one of the many lessons
given to multitudes in those years. 
The question
that came toward the end of that day
was, “ Master, what is the greatest gift
that God gives to all of us?”  asked the young
man in the multitude of that day.
The Master replied,
“The greatest gift that my Father gives to all
is the secret of Forgiveness.
In rendering forgiveness to ones self
and also forgiveness of others
does a sinner reveal
the keys to heaven
and the eternal Love of our Father.
Forgiveness assures the eternal love of the Father
and being in the arms of His Love forever.”
So said the Master of my life

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