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Proposed Book Jacket for upcoming poetry book, “Passion Amidst Apathy” by John J. Rigo

It was a like a double slap to my soul
when the full realization came to me this morning.
The best parts of my life are behind me.
It was now the reality
it was all downhill now.
From this point
it will be the aging process taking  its toll.
Sickness, pain, grieve, sorrow will be common daily friends.
Many medical professionals will call this a state of depression
while I consider that one should be mature to stand up to a reality check.
The greatest gift that I can hope to maintain
is the gift of my memory of time in recalling my life.
The times that I felt I was truly loved.
Loved to a depth beyond just words.
It seem the word “Love” is carelessly used by many.
I have found myself in a place
that the greatest peace comes to me
when I am totally alone with my God.
Speaking with Him
as my closest friend
brings me great comfort.
There has been more disappointments in my life
with those who claim to be “Men of God.”
I now look at my experiences with organized religion
as another form of cosmic joke on humans.
It is all about buildings and the ego’s of their care-takers. 
A mistaken belief drilled into the minds of individuals
that our God awaits in some ego-centered church structure.
Nothing could be further from truth in our Loving Lord’s plans for us.
I have now come to the realization that organized religion’s goal
is to separate us from our loving bond with God.
Churches are places of the world
not places in time and space
that strengthens our relationship with God.
I pray each day
for more wisdom to know my Lord.
I now know that blessed wisdom
lies within my own being.
At this point in my life
I must take more time to listen
to the whispered words of my best friend
and companion.
That spirit……….
…………. is…. my Lord and God. 

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