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“A Gathering of Buzzards in the midst of sheep”


It was a small community health club
in Gun Barrel City in East Texas
where they met
these men of “The Clothe.”
The meeting was twice a week.
A gathering of buzzards
discussing their frightened flock of sheep.
They discussed the personal lives of their church members
amidst laughter as if they were young girls in a locker room.
They spoke of the mental depression
the illnesses
and the marriage break-up’s of their charges
within their churches.
Upon hearing of a transfer of one of their members to another’s church
there was even more loud and boastful laughter among these men.
There was no subject regarding their charges
that was too personal
and too confidential
for them to discuss among themselves.
Faithful church members
were nothing more
than chess pieces on a board
to these men.
Jesus wept.

Famous Quote: “There is no more dangerous experiment than that of undertaking to be one thing before a man’s face, and another behind his back.”………….General Robert E. Lee (1807-1872)

Benjamin Franklin Saying: “All that’s necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.”

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