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Lowe's Logo courtesy of Google Image Search. "Is Lowe's of Gun Barrel City Texas dishonoring working farm Veterans?" copyright 2015 John J. Rigo

Lowe’s Logo courtesy of Google Image Search. “Is Lowe’s of Gun Barrel City Texas dishonoring working farm Veterans?” copyright 2015 John J. Rigo

There is no doubt about it, Lowe’s the home improvement store located in Gun Barrel City, Texas has the “Only Game in Town.”  This is especially so in this Cedar Creek Lake Community 45 minutes North of Dallas, Texas.  What is especially interesting that this area is also known for having a large population of “Honorably Discharge Veterans.”

Many are recent returnees from war zones in foreign lands who thru retirement or various disabilities have settled to the Cedar Creek Lake area of Texas.  Many of these individuals live on small farms in the area, seeking to make a living off the land in the area with an AG exception in place.

As to myself, I am an honorably discharged Air Force Veteran with four years of active service.  My period of service is 1959-1963.  I do not fall into the category of a recent veteran from war, but like other honorably discharged members of the military, I qualify for Loew’s 10 percent discount on what Loew’s classifies as “Personal Purchases.” 

With my recent retirement at age 70 with my wife of a State Farm Insurance Agency out of McKinney, Texas two years ago, I became additionally blessed with the purchase of a 30 acre farm with an in-place AG exception, nine miles from our eight year ownership of a lake front home in Gun Barrel City.  We spent our time between these two homes.  The farm produces award-winning hay and is currently in the process of planting a vineyard.

I may also point out that over the last eight years between the extensive remodeling on our lake home and equally extensive remodeling on our farm and ranch, my wife and I have spent a good-sized fortune with Lowe’s in Gun Barrel City, Texas.  Up until this past Monday, we were always pleased with Lowe’s and her service

My background is fifty years experience in sales and sales training has served me well over the years and has brought me to the observation that one of the huge problems with our current economy in the United States is that “Bean Counters” control the county, as well as corporate America, many times to their disadvantages.

Hence we come to a Lowe’s Corporate rule that I came across this past Monday while making a substantial purchase of home improvement material for our farm which currently has an in-place AG tax exemption.  It seems Lowe’s would not render me “Both the exception from taxes on my farm material purchase ‘AND’ still give my ten percent veteran’s discount.”  A corporate program, I personally find both “stupid and ridiculous.” 

When I asked to speak to the actual store manager regarding this, all I found myself was surrounded by what I felt were a bunch of ill-informed and “flunky-type, so-called assistant managers.”  After an hour of being given the “run-around” I elected to take my ten percent discount and withdrawn my tax exception certificate for use on our farm.

Discounts in the area for veterans are common place in the Cedar Creek Lake area because of the huge veterans population.  Even the local Denny’s gives a ten percent discount to Vets on meals.  With all the current governments noise about serving “returning vets,” it would seem to me, that in a county where we have declining farms and job opportunities for vets, that a veterans who owes a farm with an in place AG tax exemption should be able to have their tax exemption honored and receive their ten percent discount.  What is your take on this?

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