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Today the United States of America is on a dangerous path in its future.  On our current course we now have a nation where the average ethics, approach to excellence, average intelligence of our citizens is falling to new lows within U.S. society.  By the very nature of our immigration programs, have we brought the strength of our country to a new low. 

A country that allows its borders open to any illegal immigrant looking to drop their child on U.S. soil speaks volumes of the changes that need to be made to our immigration laws.  Defining what makes a true U.S. citizen should go beyond dropping a baby on our soil. 

Each child that is born on our shores by an illegal in this country represents hundreds of thousands of dollars in “Freebies” in community services, education and food stamps over the lifetime of now, what is now a “Legal, U.S. Citizen Child.”  This is a burden that the middle class U.S. Citizen of our country can no longer afford. 

We, as a country need to redefine what constitutes a legal U.S. Citizen.  A child born of a mother who is not a U.S. citizen should not automatically become a U.S. Citizen.  In fact the requirement should be for a child to have the status of a U.S. citizen should be that both parents be U.S. citizens at the time of the birth of that child.

By Line:  John Rigo is a first generation Italian.  Mr. Rigo’s Father came to the U. S. at age 16 thru Ellis Island from Northern Italy in 1926.  Mr. Rigo fondly remembers that his Father had two main goals in life.  One, was to become an American citizen, and Two, to speak excellent English to where no one would know he was a foreigner, he achieved both goals.

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