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Of  special note on February 5th,2015:  This WordPress Blogger has attempted to hide the offensive posting mentioned in this posting by burying it below about two dozen postings.  Patience will reveal it. 

This Reblog on the Cola signs is misleading by this WordPress member who has become a follower of my site. Going just past the posting you will come across a posting that  attacks the Jewish Nation with “hints” that the posting is “ISIS” inspired.  A posting showing the flag of Israel in a Toilet, and a nude little boy pissing on the Flag of Israel. One of the reasons I have removed the “Likes” posting ability off my poetry site is that I have a feeling like all media in this country, the ISIS terrorist are using the WordPress platform for communication between themselves. Hopefully, the CIA and FBI will take a closer look at this individual and observe why his “following posting” cannot be Reblogged. I myself am a retired Catholic and think of myself still as a Christian who believes Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior. I have asked this jerk to unfollow me. His “respect” comment on his blog site is strictly a ploy and misleading. What he reposts shows his hate for both Christianity and the Jewish Nation, which I believe is the United States closest friend in the world in spite of President Obama. If anyone can advice me on how to block a “Follower” I would be appreciative.


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My Concealed Carry Gun, a Ruger P90, a semi-auto 45,  copyright 2014 John J. Rigo

My Concealed Carry Gun, a Ruger P90, a semi-auto 45, copyright 2014 John J. Rigo

Of all the civilized countries in the world, the population of the United States has the most well-armed  citizens in the world.  We have something in the Constitution of the United States called the Second Amendment that allows us to be so armed. 

9/11 is a day of sorrow for our nation in remembering the almost 3,000 innocent Americans that were killed by terrorist.  9/11 is also a day, that we as American citizens can demonstrate our will to stand up and defend our country from the likes of killers such as the evil face of ISIS.

My wife and I have had concealed carry licenses for almost 15 years.  We are both proficient in handling a semi-automatic pistol.  This coming 9/11 we will be insuring our carry that day.  Any terrorist involved in attempting a terrorist act in our presence will be shot down like the evil they are.

We ask all American citizens that have Concealed Carry Licenses to carry on 9/11.  We also ask all Americans who believe in “Open Carry” of rifles and shotguns to open carry in a public way on 9/11 to demonstrate to ISIS we will “not be” a nation that will hide in fear from their terror, but will bring death and destruction to them and their own who wish to harm the American people.

To my blog followers:  Please Reblog this posting prior to 9/11 in order to get the word out to all Concealed Handgun permit holders and Open Carry Advocates.  (Facts:  There are over eight million Concealed Carry Licensees in the United States.  In Texas it is estimated to be over 403,000 by last count).

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