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Courtesy of kelihasablog.wordpress.com

Courtesy of kelihasablog.wordpress.com

As you read my posting heading I have no doubt some of you find my heading post shocking.  The heading is how I really feel.  In fact as of today I would like to see the count of my Followers drop to about a fourth of the 477 that I currently have.

Yesterday I observed another shocking tread on the WordPress Program from one of my followers which to my observation explained why I always seen a “Like” hit from him on almost 100 percent of my poetry postings.  When I read his poetry more closely on his site of about 3300 followers, I realized he was copying my own poetry work.  Not exactly word for word, but very close.  I also became aware he was a “Raghead” and not a Christian in his faith.  I respect and honor all faiths but I do not attempt to become big buddies of those who attempt to belittle my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ…..so please “Unfollow Me.”

I have been with WordPress for about six years.  This blog of three is my most active sites.  I did have one several years ago that I closed down for a period after 25,000 hits because of constant attacks on the site from other “Non-Christians.”  Happily WordPress has made provisions for that in the last couple of years in their excellent Spam reducing program in place.

What I believe is the core value of WordPress is the sharing we all can do by our Reblogging and comments.  Truthfully I find the “Like” function on WordPress boring and useless and as of this posting, have removed that option from my WordPress Blog site.  If you “Like” what you read, then take the time to “Comment” or “Reblog,” it truly is a simple procedure on WordPress.  As far as the daily count, it is a daily way for me to know if my message is getting out there.  You see I am not about selling wares, unless it is currently about selling one small piece of my real estate holdings for charity giving purposes.

What has brought me to this point in sharing my WordPress Blog in a public way again is the basic sharing of my journey in its revelation that our Lord and Savior is there for all of us in the name of Jesus Christ.  How that came to me and how I attempt to Bless His Name each day.  So truthfully, if you are not along the same path as me, just be kind and get off the site.

All of this came to full realization to me yesterday when I asked a follower who was always hitting my posted blogs to Reblog my work from time to time, he actually refused.  He said his site was all about him and he “Never Reblogged the poetry work of others.”  Beside copying my work and he being a “RagHead” I now understand why he felt that way.  I asked him nicely to “UnFollow.”

So  again to those of you that are truly my friends and one and the same in my belief system, “Welcome,” to those of you who are not willing to Reblog my work from time to time………..”Get Off My Ship.”

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