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Courtesy of my.opera.com “Everything was perfect in my universe.”

It was the middle of the morning
as I awoke from a strange dream.
In the dream
I had died.
My spiritual body was perfect
I had no pain
I was connected to the Universe.
I suddenly awoke with a dread.
The dread being that you were not there.  
My hand reached across my left toward you.
My fingertips touched your arm
firm tender and round.
Peace covered me.
My other hand touched your hair.
In your sleep your hand raised above your head.
Your hand gently held mine while you were sleeping.
I then realized in this world
as long as you  were with me
everything was perfect in the Universe.

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Courtesy of Joni McPherson, Brother and Sister painting

There are times in our lives
that are very special
in a wonderous discovery.
I had finally found the Sister
I never had.
Such it was
in meeting you last night
in the conversation and time we shared.
When meeting a heart such as yours
I am more convinced than ever
that heaven truly exists.
A place where Love abounds.
Thank you for seeking me
before you left
and making me feel special
with two kisses
upon my cheek.
That evening after your exit
your departure left my heart sadden
without your presence. 

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