Picture Courtesy of Google Search.

Picture Courtesy of Google Search.

Courtesy of nosmokeblown.com "Can Impeachment of Obama Save the United States?" A Big "Yes" to this question.

Courtesy of nosmokeblown.com
“Can Impeachment of Obama Save the United States?” A Big “Yes” to this question.

The middle class of America is slowly awakening.

Our flag is America.

It is not the flag of Mexico.

It is not the flag of the Muslim world.

Close our borders.

Close all Mosques within our borders.

Defend the country we all love.

We stand for America not in just words but deeds.

America is not only about its Negro population.

America is not only about its Hispanic population.

America is also about its Caucasian population.

America cannot stand two more years of Obama.

Remove President Obama from office.

We must remove the Henchmen of the Democratic Party

from the government of America.

"Yes Obama...... Has" picture courtesy of Google Image Search

“Yes Obama…… Has” picture courtesy of Google Image Search

"Rainbows Amidst Storms" Second Published Poetry book by John J. Rigo Picture courtesy of google image search author unknown

“Rainbows Amidst Storms” Second Published Poetry book by John J. Rigo
Picture courtesy of google image search
author unknown

Having a great deal of comments posted on one’s blog site with WordPress renders one a certain degree of comfort with their blog.  The sad part of this belief system is that like life itself, individuals in our lives tend to come and go.  In that light this evening I begin the cleaning of “All Posted Comments” on my site.  A symbol of a new start brings the hope of new friends and fresh outlooks in our lives.

Folks it is here!

"The Coming Wall Street Crash of 2015" copyright 2015 by John J. Rigo.  Picture Courtesy of Google Image Search.

“The Coming Wall Street Crash of 2015″ copyright 2015 by John J. Rigo. Picture Courtesy of Google Image Search.

UPS Symbol (United Parcel Service) courtesy of Google Image Search.

UPS Symbol (United Parcel Service) courtesy of Google Image Search.

The UPS (United Parcel Service) Customer Center on 4200 Samuell Boulevard in Mesquite, Texas. Image Courtesy of Google Image Search.

The UPS (United Parcel Service) Customer Center on 4200 Samuell Boulevard in Mesquite, Texas. Image Courtesy of Google Image Search.

This is a Cease and Decease order directed toward the supervisory personnel of the UPS (United Parcel Service) of the Mesquite Customer Center located at 4200 Samuell Boulevard in Mesquite, Texas.  It also applies to the two UPS delivery personnel who “attacked” the door of my home at 104 The Lee Way, Gun Barrel City, Texas 75156 on January 7th, 2015; additionally, Danijela Zuza, Claims Specialist of Liberty Mutual Insurance part of Helmsman Management Services representing UPS who is not qualified to do an insurance adjustment on a dented waste basket. Exception to this order is the UPS Store located in Gun Barrel City, Texas and its owner and working personnel; also included in this exception is the website: http://buildasign.com

You are hereby directed this date of January 27th, 2015 to cease and decease all harassment by any and all means of communication, including e-mails, text messages, any and all social medias and any and all personal phone calls from all directed personnel in this notice toward me, my family and/or my homes in the East Texas area, including Gun Barrel City and Eustace, Texas. Violation of this order will result in the filing of both civil and criminal charges against the parties involved.

Signed This Date of January 27th, 2015,

John J. Rigo

104 The Lee Way

Gun Barrel City, Texas 75156 


John J. Rigo, Texas' Poet and Commentator:

Many times we tend to forget that the beauty of God’s Love for us is simple and direct. There is no great Secret to It.  It exists as the universe exists.

Originally posted on a north east ohio garden:

and other idle speculations.  if naming a flower id or ego which would you choose ?  no answer.  just the question.  here is the flower.  oh if you simply must know look to the bottom.  the hybridizer’s answer lies there…

ego det

7/13    Ego

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John J. Rigo, Texas' Poet and Commentator:

It seems to me that the Democratic Party has a great skill in leaving bodies behind in all they do when it comes to Presidents. How many bodies will Obama leave behind?

Originally posted on Buffalohair Gazette International:

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John J. Rigo, Texas' Poet and Commentator:

A Special “Thank You” to http://gunnyg.wordpress.com for having this Reblog on his site. 

When one reads between the lines, what is happening within our own borders in the United States, the Obama Administration has encouraged and expanded “No-Go-Zones” for both the Black Community and the quickly growing Muslim communities, whose main goal in the future of “Middle-class America,” is their “Total Destruction” as a ‘Class’ in our country.

All of this is being done, while at the same time the Obama administration is attempting by “Executive Orders” and thru the Democratic Congress to remove all guns from the “Middle-Class,” so that they will not be able to defend themselves from the future attacks from both the “No-Zone Black and Muslim Communities.”

Originally posted on tomfernandez28's Blog:

Screen Shot 2015-01-16 at 1.03.25 PM

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John J. Rigo, Texas' Poet and Commentator:

Shortly after posting our signs for both our future vineyard and winery and farm and ranch we discovered that the name of “Silver Star” was associated with many low quality products in the State of Texas, hence our name change to “Stewart-Rigo” which represents the proud maiden name of my wife and my last name. The beautiful picture on the new farm and ranch sign actually comes from a picture taken of our farm and ranch.

Originally posted on Stewart-Rigo Farm and Ranch of Texas:

We are proud to announce that our new name of our farm and ranch is now posted.  After research and finding the name of “Silver Star” itself was associated with many low quality products in Texas, we decided to change our names on both our future winery as well as our farm and ranch.  The name consists of the proud maiden name of my wife and my last name.  The view on the sign comes from our own ranch. 

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Courtesy of kelihasablog.wordpress.com

Courtesy of kelihasablog.wordpress.com

As you read my posting heading I have no doubt some of you find my heading post shocking.  The heading is how I really feel.  In fact as of today I would like to see the count of my Followers drop to about a fourth of the 477 that I currently have.

Yesterday I observed another shocking tread on the WordPress Program from one of my followers which to my observation explained why I always seen a “Like” hit from him on almost 100 percent of my poetry postings.  When I read his poetry more closely on his site of about 3300 followers, I realized he was copying my own poetry work.  Not exactly word for word, but very close.  I also became aware he was a “Raghead” and not a Christian in his faith.  I respect and honor all faiths but I do not attempt to become big buddies of those who attempt to belittle my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ…..so please “Unfollow Me.”

I have been with WordPress for about six years.  This blog of three is my most active sites.  I did have one several years ago that I closed down for a period after 25,000 hits because of constant attacks on the site from other “Non-Christians.”  Happily WordPress has made provisions for that in the last couple of years in their excellent Spam reducing program in place.

What I believe is the core value of WordPress is the sharing we all can do by our Reblogging and comments.  Truthfully I find the “Like” function on WordPress boring and useless and as of this posting, have removed that option from my WordPress Blog site.  If you “Like” what you read, then take the time to “Comment” or “Reblog,” it truly is a simple procedure on WordPress.  As far as the daily count, it is a daily way for me to know if my message is getting out there.  You see I am not about selling wares, unless it is currently about selling one small piece of my real estate holdings for charity giving purposes.

What has brought me to this point in sharing my WordPress Blog in a public way again is the basic sharing of my journey in its revelation that our Lord and Savior is there for all of us in the name of Jesus Christ.  How that came to me and how I attempt to Bless His Name each day.  So truthfully, if you are not along the same path as me, just be kind and get off the site.

All of this came to full realization to me yesterday when I asked a follower who was always hitting my posted blogs to Reblog my work from time to time, he actually refused.  He said his site was all about him and he “Never Reblogged the poetry work of others.”  Beside copying my work and he being a “RagHead” I now understand why he felt that way.  I asked him nicely to “UnFollow.”

So  again to those of you that are truly my friends and one and the same in my belief system, “Welcome,” to those of you who are not willing to Reblog my work from time to time………..”Get Off My Ship.”

Stewart-Rigo Winery  Stewart-Rigo Farm and Ranch of Texas, copyright 2015, John J. Rigo

Stewart-Rigo Winery
Stewart-Rigo Farm and Ranch of Texas, copyright 2015, John J. Rigo

Poetry writing for me fills many needs.  First, it is a creative outlet for me.  Two, it is my way of the sharing of my life’s walk through the mercy and love of Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior.  Three, it is a way of giving back thru the charity work that my wife and I do for the communities we currently live in (Henderson County, Texas) and have lived in (Collin County, Texas) and the pride we share this date in our past remodeling project of one of Texas’ most beautiful homeless shelters, the Samaritan Inn of McKinney, Texas. 

There is no ego trip on my part in sharing the count amount of hits on my blog site, surpassing over 65,000 hits as of this posting, but a desire to share my blessing and the knowledge of Jesus’ Blessings with as many persons, as I can.

In that light, I request my 477 Followers to Reblog postings of those poems thru their own WordPress Blog sites on poems that that carry special meaning to them.  Thank you for your Support over the last two years.

Blessings in each of your Journey’s,

John J. Rigo


John J. Rigo, Texas' Poet and Commentator:

Beauty abounds on WordPress when it comes to poetry. Poetry of every kind and type. Read, Enjoy, Think…..Bless in enlightment.

Originally posted on Passion through Poetry:


Fingers of ice
Extend from the frozen landscape of my life
Wrapping their tentacles around the warm blood of my heart
As they tighten and constrict, threatening to freeze all that they
Would wrap around – like a Boa wraps around its prey –
The life force breathed into me offers a resistance
So strong, that any ice would be unfrozen before destruction
Could occur, and at the end, the heat of my beating soul powers
The melting of iced tentacles, so that life and hope and joy
Emerge forth as the victors of this battle that is fought with
Every beating of my heart

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Courtesy of Google Search….author unknown

I broke your heart.
I know when the deed was done.
I knew then
as I know now
I was in love with you.
More afraid of failure
than giving myself to you.
I still can hear in my soul
the sound of your tears
on the tape from that day.
Two hours of tears and screaming
my name in agony.
I was the center of your agony
in my rejection of your love.
It has been twenty-eight years
since that day.
A day never goes by
that my thoughts turn to you.
In my being
I now know
that the joy I knew with you then
will come again in my death
and hopefully with it
the joy of heaven.
If you are reading this
at this very moment
know this is one
who will always love you.

Courtesy of umazzing.com

As of January 21st, 2015, the “Texas‘ Poetry Site” reached another milestone of 65,000 plus hits.  My deepest thanks and appreciation to the WordPress family, and all those who share my spiritual poetry work, as well as my Texas’ Commentary posts regarding my new communities in Henderson County, Texas, Eustace, Texas, Gun Barrel City, Texas and the Nation. 

Obama destroying our country down to the "bone." Commentary by John J. Rigo, Texas Commentator.  Picture Courtesy of Google Image Search.

Obama destroying our country down to the “bone.” Commentary by John J. Rigo, Texas Commentator. Picture Courtesy of Google Image Search.

President Obama,

I am receipt of your White House message requesting my feedback to your State of the Union speech this coming Tuesday, January 20th, 2015.  I decided to not respond because I had no doubt that like millions of other American’s what I had to say about your “Total Lack of Leadership Ability as Our President” would find its way to the internet “Trash Can.”

Both my wife and I did not retire until we were both 70 from our State Farm Insurance Agency of 28 years in McKinney, Texas.  We have both worked very hard in our life times, living conservatively, saving our money.  We paid our taxes faithfully, in fact several times actually “overpaying our taxes.” 

So let me see if I got this right, what you now propose is that what ever we wish to pass on in our lives to others, a 28 percent inheritance tax must be paid to the Federal government, money we worked hard to save, and already paid tax on!  Mr. Obama, you and your henchmen with the Democratic Party, are truly a bunch of thieves!

"A Negative Experience with UPS delivery services in East Texas, copyright 2015 by John J. Rigo, Texas' Commentator.  Picture courtesy of Google Image Search.

“A Negative Experience with UPS delivery services in East Texas, copyright 2015 by John J. Rigo, Texas’ Commentator. Picture courtesy of Google Image Search.

The UPS Mesquite Customer Center on the 4200 Block of Samuell Blvd. in Mesquite, Texas needs to be shut down and its entire staff fired.  As the major processing center of Central Texas, when one reviews their own personal experiences with the individuals working at this site, up to and including the senior supervisors in this plant, combined with further insight to on-line complaints by various customers who have used or been contacted by this Processing Hub, that conclusion is obvious: http://yelp.com/biz/ups-customer-center-mesquite-2  Of 22 reviews, three of which are “plants” by the UPS senior managers of that center, the story reveals itself.

When filing phone complaints to this center regarding an UPS delivery person servicing the Gun Barrel City area of Texas, more than one supervisor who heads this Processing Center related by phone call to both my wife and I that the plant is run like they want it to and that the Corporate Headquarters of UPS has “No Control or Say-so over what they do.”

A personal visit to the area where the plant is located finds that the customer store in located in a decaying area of Mesquite that draws on a very low-class calibre of worker who is employed by this center.  The average consumer, especially a woman visiting the center finds themselves feeling in danger in entering the grounds with employees taking smoke breaks hollering and whistling at them upon their entry to the building.

Thievery of customer packages seems to abound thru this processing center with packages constantly “lost” and never found again.  This processing center should become part of an attorney general’s internal investigation for the good of the consumers of Texas.

"A Negative Experience with UPS delivery services in East Texas, copyright 2015 by John J. Rigo, Texas' Commentator.  Picture courtesy of Google Image Search.

“A Negative Experience with UPS delivery services in East Texas, copyright 2015 by John J. Rigo, Texas’ Commentator. Picture courtesy of Google Image Search.

Due to a terrible experience last week in having a female UPS Delivery person and her UPS boyfriend attack our door in our home in Gun Barrel City, Texas, I felt that I should take the time to render a little training to these personnel nationwide as to what represents the proper procedure for approaching and knocking on a door in a delivery location on their route.  My training in this area comes from fifty years experience in sales training and management training as both a consultant to such things and a multi-business owner of those years.

First remember you are entering private property when you step before a door of a customer.  In this day and age, many are deeply concerned about daylight home invasions, especially the elderly, such as myself who are in their early 70’s.  Generally, we are ready targets for these kind of targets.

First and foremost, if there is a door bell, ring several times in a steady and gentle matter, one ring and then pounding the door is not a correct announcement of your presence.  Pounding on door, especially those with glass inserts is not proper.  Knock firmly but gently on the wood portion only while in a firm professional voice announcing that you are an “UPS delivery Person.”  Never fail to announce who you are when asked by a customer thru their door when they ask “Who is There.”

Most importantly, “Never, but Never” stand right up to the door after announcing yourself, but step back from the door at least six feet.  Make the homeowner not feel you are preparing to “Rush the Door.”  Additionally when homeowner answers door, hand them your identification card or badge so that they may be confident that you are what you say you are. 

Hopefully, this information will be helpful to you as an UPS delivery person and prevent what happened to me and my wife last Thursday of last week which filled both of us with fear for our personal safety when two UPS personnel approached our lake home in East Texas for signatures on a so-called damaged shipment that were received “three weeks Prior” no less.

My Memorial to my four years of active duty in the U.S. Air Force.  Many are not blessed in having a memorial while they are living.  Thanks to Mabank, Texas, a small city of class on Cedar Creek Lake in East Texas. Copyright 2014 John J. Rigo

My Memorial to my four years of active duty in the U.S. Air Force. Many are not blessed in having a memorial while they are living. Thanks to Mabank, Texas, a small city of class on Cedar Creek Lake in East Texas. Copyright 2014 John J. Rigo

Courtesy of westernrifleshooters.wordpress.com

Courtesy of westernrifleshooters.wordpress.com

There are many treasures a man has in a lifetime.

Most importantly is his personal reputation.

It is the reputation in leaving the earth

that is the treasure of his life.


As a man

allow no one to smear or darken your name.

If you allow such by not confronting such individuals

you have lost the very essence of what makes you a man.

"A Negative Experience with UPS delivery services in East Texas, copyright 2015 by John J. Rigo, Texas' Commentator.  Picture courtesy of Google Image Search.

“A Negative Experience with UPS delivery services in East Texas,”  copyright 2015 by John J. Rigo, Texas’ Commentator. Picture courtesy of Google Image Search.

Update for January 25th, 2015:  At the end of this post you will find the whole story as I recently related it by e-mail to the Police Chief of Gun Barrel City, Texas.  In his reply his stance was to also contact the UPS Corporate Offices in Atlanta, as well as the supervisors of the Mesquite Customer Center in Mesquite, Texas on the proper way to address servicing customers on private property.  It was not long ago that Gun Barrel City, Texas passed a ordiances permitting anyone without a criminal history or history of mental sickness to have a handgun in their homes in the Gun Barrel City area of Texas. 

Update for January 19th, 2015 at 5:31 p.m. Central Time:  As a young man I worked for a man by the name of W.O. Bankston.  Mr. Bankston in his day was a multimillionaire who owned many auto dealerships in the Dallas area.  One of his favorite sayings was “A Fish Stinks from the Head Down, ” I found this to be so in a follow-up call to Ms. Terry Miller, 404-828-4900, a so-called Upper Management Public Relations Supervisor with UPS out of the Atlanta office.  In my prior call, I quickly found out she was blowing smoke up my A _ _ in my prior call to her.  She no more contacted “Upper Management” of UPS than the “Man in the Moon.”  All she did was flip me off to a so-called supervisor out of the Mesquite Customer Center in Texas who called me early this morning.  The voice mail she left indicated a black woman of lower education who was not even qualified to pronounce her name, much less leave an accurate phone number on my voice mail for recontact.  My conclusion:  The whole organization “Sucks” from the Corporate Heads Down!   

Commentary Update for January 15th, 2015 at 3:03 p.m. Central Time:  I am proud to relate after dozens of phone calls to various phone numbers of UPs at both Corporate level and specifically their operations in Mesquite, Texas including dozens of e-mails, chat conversations, I was able to reach a Senior Higher Management person at Corporate level out of Atlanta, Georgia, Ms. Terry Miller, 404-828-4900.  Our two incidents with two UPS delivery persons, a male and female and the threats from upper management of their Mesquite location in Texas, this matter is now being turned over the Senior High Level Management Team of UPS at the corporate level.  Hopefully this result in the removing of the “blackening of our reputations,” make huge changes in the training of UPS delivery Personnel as well as the termination of many high-ranking supervisors out of their Mesquite Processing Location in Texas.   

Thru a serious of incidents with the UPS delivery personnel in the Gun Barrel City area of Texas, it has come to my belief that the major Processing Center of the Mesquite Customer Service Center ( 4200 Samuell Blvd.) in Texas is filled with “Thugs and Thieves.”  A simple on-line Google Search will prove out the majority of my statement with hundreds of complaints posted and filed against the UPS operation nationwide (http://www.consumeraffairs.com/delivery/united_parcel_service.htm) with  a special revelation of  a series of incidents that occurred with my own package delivery service with UPS in the Gun Barrel City area of East Texas.  You the reader will agree in the end with my conclusion that we as citizens in East Texas need to further change or get rid of the UPS package delivery service in East Texas by “non-support of its citizens.”  More to follow on this story in the coming days.  For further insight into the UPS operation following is another 180 plus complaints to read, including my own: http://atichris.com/344/did-ups-intentionally-delay-my-package/

Details of e-mail to Chief Bosell of Gun Barrel Police Department in Gun Barrel City in Texas dated Saturday, January 17th, 2015 at 10:21:13 Central Time:

Good Morning Chief Bosell,

This e-mail is sent in regards to an incident that occurred at our lake front home in Gun Barrel City, Texas on January 7th, 2015.  The bottom line is basically, two UPS delivery personnel “attacked” the front door of our home on said morning, attempting to get a signature and inspection of a damaged package that was sent to us “Three weeks Prior.”

Their approach to the door was unprofessional in every way.  They both sacred the daylights out of both my wife and I, making us fearful that our door was being attacked for a daytime robbery and break-in.  They have since filed false narratives as to what actually happened to the UPS Processing Center in Mesquite, Texas and currently have managed “to block our home from further UPS deliveries to our home at 104 The Lee Way in Gun Barrel City, Texas,” while we are in the process of remodeling our farm and ranch and future vineyard in Eustace, Texas, as soon, our permanent home.  We do plan on keeping our lake home for friends, relative visits and our own pleasure over the weekends. 

Currently this incident is under investigation by the Upper Management Team out of Corporate Headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia.  Contact person being a Ms. Terry Miller, upper manager of the Relations Team: contact 404-828-4900.  Since the incident, the original shipper Build-a-Sign.com is also aware of the incident and are investigating.

With over fifty years of experience in sales and management training as a corporate consultant in a part of my career prior to retiring from our State Farm Insurance Agency of 28 years in McKinney, Texas, I am fully trained and skilled in the proper way that service providers should approach a consumer’s door at their home.  I have since sent the following link: http://wp.me/pJppN-6pY to UPS Corporate headquarters with a training blog on the proper way to approach a consumer door with services. 

With daylight robberies on the rise, service providers with false uniforms for purposes of crime, this is an important issue that needs to be addressed with UPS Corporate, as well as their major Processing Center in Mesquite, Texas.

I respectfully request that you follow-up my training request both UPS Corporate and their Mesquite Processing Center with a request on the part of the citizens of Gun Barrel City,  for UPS delivery personnel respect the safety of its citizens in assuring the proper way to enter private property in the City of Gun Barrel City, Texas.  My advance thanks and appreciation for your positive action in this matter, I remain

Respectfully Yours,

John J. Rigo

104 The Lee Way

Gun Barrel City, Texas 75156


January 11th, 2015  Commentary on “Depression” as a US National Illness:  Here we are at the time of the year where depression is ever-increasing to many at this time of the beginning of a new year.  Christmas is behind us and the future seems one of doom and gloom to middle class America.
Before us stands two more years of a President in Obama, who refuses to work with the Republican party in its efforts to bring the country back from the edge of the abyss. More taxes ahead.  More threats from the world-wide terrorist to the US homeland with a harsh reality of multi-9/11 attacks in 2015, with thousands dying. All the while with a President who seems to reach further out to them in a hand of friendship. 
Our only hope as a nation is that thru prayer, we as a nation will regain the favor and blessings of the Creator in saving our country.  Prayer which is there for each of us, in saving each of us, in our own lives.
I have been where you are
a hell of loneliness and despair.
Had I created this place in my past
as you are now
where I was once?
I ask myself what pains cross your mind
as this day of many comes to you?
Do you hunger?
Are you without sleep?
The night only brings fear for your life.
Are you without anyone who cares
where you are this day?
Are you missed?
I too have been where you are.
From ashes of the mind did thou raise me
from a pit of worldly hell.
It was not my talents of mind
nor spirit that lead me from this dark world.
It was my prayers.
You never failed to hear me
when I cried out to you.
When I tried to end this life
you spoke gently to me
asking me to be patient
and wait one more day.
One day lead to another.
Finally the sun began to shine again
in your blessings and your love for me.
Thank you Lord
for giving hope to the hopeless
as you gave to me.
Thank you Lord
for loving me when I was without love.
Yea Lord without your grace
would I now be lost.  
Our proud new sign of "Stewart-Rigo Winery" on the front gate of our future vineyard and winery. Copyright 2014 John J. Rigo

Our proud new sign of “Stewart-Rigo Winery” on the front gate of our future vineyard and winery. Copyright 2014 John J. Rigo

Stewart-Rigo Winery  Stewart-Rigo Farm and Ranch of Texas, copyright 2015, John J. Rigo

Stewart-Rigo Winery
Stewart-Rigo Farm and Ranch of Texas, copyright 2015, John J. Rigo

It is a sense of spirit
that I behold in surveying my land.
It is a spirit that I never beheld before.
It is the beauty of the land
stretching out before me
in endless sky
and gentle brezzes
that touch my face. 
I am now away from a city
I no longer love 
which only offers within itself
heart retching noise
and endless waste. 
My new country home is
a place called Eustace, Texas.
It is a sense of peace of spirit
that now abounds
around me each day
upon these twenty-nine acres. 
Welcome to East Texas
A preview and slice of heaven
of where my heart now lies. 

“The Lord Defeats my Enemies Thru Michael who brings Death and Destruction to their doors…..Bless the Lord’s name, be in awe in the power of his angel.”

My Brothers and Sisters
one belief to remember
is in the end
Evil defeats itself.
Once Evil was part of the heavenly Good.
In falling from the Sight of God
did Evil still have great power.
Never will this power
overcome Good.
Should Evil come upon you
believe in the Lord.
Have Faith in the Lord.
Love the Lord with all your being.
with prayer
will destroy Evil.
I know this to be true.
Praise and Glory to my Lord
and God.

Courtesy of livingthebalancelife.com

Commentary for January 7th, 2015:  I wrote the below commentary and posted the below poem in 2013.  It applies more so today, than ever for 2015. 
Commentary by John J. Rigo copyright 2013 on dealing with Depression this Christmas:  It is noted by the medical profession that the Christmas holidays is the greatest time for an increase in suicides.  For most of us Christmas is another marker in our short lifespans on the earth.  It becomes a time to reflect and many times face regrets in one’s life.  There is not one of us on the planet that does not look back on their lives and have a certain amount of regret.  Christmas becomes a time to mourn those we loved and passed on.  Christmas becomes a time of facing the further tabulations of our illnesses.  It is a time in the false joy of gift giving of things and not ourselves.  Love cannot be purchased from a department store window.  The following poem relates the number of ways to overcome Christmas Depression, it is to forget ourselves and the giving of ourselves to others. 
The road we travel is not the same road for all of us.
When you see someone in pain.

Reach Out

Give some part of yourself to make their day
a day filled with less pain.
Love goes beyond just words in our daily life.
We need to give beyond ourselves.

Reach Out

Give a part of yourself.
You will only become more human
in your caring and giving.

Reach Out

You too have felt the pain of loneliness
and deep blackness.
Love came to you in blessings you never thought would be.
They came to you.

Reach Out

Remember to share your fortune.
We are one
that is the soul of all of us.

“Praise and Glory to Yahweh My Lord and God’ Courtesy of allposters.com

Commentary for January 6th, 2015:  I know it is not right to feel a certain amount of joy when one who you knew was an enemy in your life falls on hard times or has great hardships in their lives.  Still, I have peace in knowing the “Pay-Back” of God,  far exceeds any human thing we can bring upon our enemies.  To those of you are such in my life, especially over the last year; keep in mind, this commentary and poem when it happens to you.  
I render praise to Yahweh my Lord and God.
He has relinquished all my enemies.
My camp was surrounded.
It seemed I was without hope.
My enemies brought false witness against me.
They cursed my name.  
A name of Praise given to me
by My Lord and God.
Each of my enemies were destroyed.
Their wealth was removed from their granaries.
There bodies were sickened with disease.
Their eyes locked into death before them. 
All Praise and Glory to Yahweh this day.
I see before me the beauty of a new day.
My enemies have become dust before me. 
Our Vineyard "Silver Star Winery of Texas" coming into fruitation.  Copyright 2014 John J. Rigo

Our Vineyard “Stewart-Rigo Winery” coming into fruitation. Copyright 2014 John J. Rigo

New Sign for "Stewart-Rigo Winery" formerly "Silver Star Winery of Texas" copyright 2014 John J. Rigo

New Sign for “Stewart-Rigo Winery” formerly “Silver Star Winery of Texas” copyright 2014 John J. Rigo

Commentary for January 5th:  They are called “Dream Thrasher’s,” perhaps at this stage of your life, you now recognize them.  They are the “losers” of the world.  They make fun of everything and everybody for they feel they are superior to everyone else.  In reviewing their lives they have “given nothing to humanity.”  Their lives in the majority of cases is a shambles in pointing to any relationship of worth, that actually worked.  Don’t let these individuals in your life, steal your dreams.  Be strong, be positive in the moving forward of your dreams and leave these individuals in the road of trash in life. 

Walk tenderly on my dreams

for my dreams are me
with my soul exposed.
Judge not
the worth of my hopes
nor the possibility of their reality. 
If you are without encouraging words
then seal your lips in speaking of my dreams.
Are we not without hope
when stripped of our dreams and aspirations?
Look to yourself and ask
when were your own dreams scattered against
the rocks of time?
Take not your anger
with yourself
against those
who still have hope.

John J. Rigo, Texas' Poet and Commentator:

My wife, Linda Stewart-Rigo of Stewart-Rigo Winery just completed 185 hours of study thru UC at Davis in California in Vineyard Management and wine making. She is qualified to fill your needs as a consultant if you are planning a vineyard in East Texas.

Originally posted on Stewart-Rigo Winery:

Mrs. Linda Stewart-Rigo has just completed 158 hours thru five on-line courses thru UC at Davis in California in “Wine Making.”  The course qualifies Mrs. Stewart-Rigo the expertise to consulate in all phrases of vineyard management and wine making in the Henderson County area of East Texas.  For rates and availability of her schedulefor such consultations contact her at lonestarorganics@msn.com or contact her cell at:


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John J. Rigo, Texas' Poet and Commentator:

“Mustard Seed Budget” is another one of my faithful followers. We agreed on many things when it comes to religious belief, especially in the belief that Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior. I have huge disagreements with some of his insights about God. For one I do not believe God is a “Punisher” of humans in order for them to crawl back to Him. “What harm we do in life, in the majority of cases, we do to ourselves” is my way of belief. Other than that I believe this WordPress blog has much wisdom to give to us all and is truly worth reading and following.

Originally posted on Mustard Seed Budget:

a time to gather stones together — Eccelesiastes 3:5

The pieces of our lives get scattered. Either things explode by themselves, or we make poor choices and squander the good gifts God gave us.

When we are angry at God, He waits patiently for us. Sometimes, we have to be broken to come to God humbly. Then He begins to pick up the pieces of our lives.

God sent me to Guatemala on a mission that I didn’t originally know what for. But it was for restoration.

Carlos opted out of the church. He was hit with the double whammy of church rules and bubbling hormones. The hardness has melted now. His mother died a month ago. Elisa was a powerful force for years to help build the church. Carlos has finally taken over his dad’s bread bakery and is trying to be the responsible father of two kids and…

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John J. Rigo, Texas' Poet and Commentator:

Hocuspocus13 has been a follower of my WordPress Blog for a very long time. There is always those that seem to be the first to post a like with a new posting on one’s WordPress Blog, this WordPress follower follows in that faithful group. The Blog itself, is one of mystery in some ways. Who the poster really is, seemly is never revealed. The Reblogs themselves within the blog are insightful and full of knowledge in the worlds beyond us. Worth going thru for that special knowledge that seems to excape us in the everyday media, but yet down deep within our spiritual being, we know to be true.

Originally posted on hocuspocus13:


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Courtesy of nurpublishers.com

Courtesy of nurpublishers.com

It was a vision that came to me yesterday.
This life but a beginning of our journey thru eternity.
Our physical life here brief in its beginning.
Death but a transition on this journey
to many other lives ahead
in many other forms
in the ever-expanding image
of God.
Our time here but a
training period in preparation.
Joys and visions beyond
our human comprehension.
Live each day with
Love, Joy, Thankfulness,
gainful Wisdom
in God’s Love
for our Eternal Souls.
Prepare well
for your journey
it will be a long one.
All those we lost
will be returned to us.
Fear not Death
it is but a door
of many
into God’s House.

John J. Rigo, Texas' Poet and Commentator:

Steve has been a follower of my work for some time. In his work I see a large part of me, my dreams, my regrets, my fears. As we approach our elder years, which I am already in at 73, we see death right before us. Each day we read and hear on the media of another dying right close to our own age and become keenly aware how hard the clock is ticking against our time on the earth. Read Steve’s poetry work. The landscape will become very familiar to you if you are a senior such as me.

Originally posted on nothingunderthesun41:


I’ve stood on the edge of forever
staring into the dark hoping to see
that burst of a million bright crystals
that the waves of black would flee

I thought I would fly away
at this time my final breath
this fraction between life and death

I felt a sickening push in my gut
pushing me far from all knew
no world, no sky, no blue
no thoughts of you
whoever you are
in far away

It was a sense of loss
a blink of tears
rising to awake

I knew in this glimpse of forever
that bright worlds cast in dreams
dreams I’ve yet to know
of this life uncertain, I can’t let go
not even in my dreams
of falling stars

Steve Hi

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John J. Rigo, Texas' Poet and Commentator:

In 2014 there have been many ReBlogs of my past poetry and especially my now past Commentary’s regarding community, the nation and our world. Of all of these, this posting by this WordPress Blogger brought me the most humble of honors. What an awesome site this woman has in support of police personnel around the world.  It is truly at a time, that this kind of praise for our police departments around the world is badly needed.

Originally posted on Samina's Forum for police support:

My dear blogger friends, today’s post is based on the comments left on my “About” page by a great poet and a human being John J. Rigo, Texas’ Poet and Commentator (http://texaspoetry.net.). So rightfully, he recognizes and acknowledges the enormous impact of the generosity and caring attitude of Police Officers in his childhood. It surely is a pleasure to read these feelings of gratitude. Since I believe,  

“In recognizing the humanity of our fellow beings we pay ourselves the highest tribute.” Thurgood Marshall.

John J. Rigo, Texas’ Poet and Commentator (texaspoetry.net) says:

July 18, 2014 at 2:37 am (Edit)

“My greatest memories of police personnel is in Harlem, New York City as a child. My parents were very poor. Each Christmas, the Police organization of New York City “PAL” put on a free one day show for poor kids in the area with a two hour show…

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John J. Rigo, Texas' Poet and Commentator:

At the “Very Top of My List of Faithful WordPress Followers” is Kathryn Elizabeth Green. She has been with me for years with comments of joy, laughter, sometimes sadness, but always there for me as a “True Friend” thru my period of discouragement and tribulations in my own life. Thank you Elizabeth (Kelit) for being what I consider to be, my “Soul Sister.”

Originally posted on Keli has a Blog:

girl in red dress

Butterfly Bows

Butterfly shadows

mark Crimson hands.

Imprinting Souls

with cuts and bands .

Torn bleeding hearts

now held at bay,

with bright, blood red hands

the butterflies stay.

Words falling gently

off lips and through lies

struggles containing

the absence of Wise.

Woven like ribbons

of satin and silk

the Truth and it’s Freedom

turn sour as milk.

Fright holds the heart

as sanguine blood flows,

from punctures and cracks,

she makes butterfly bows.

© Kathryn. E. Green 2012 all rights reserved


I realize this picture doesn’t really go with this poem particularly, but I have apparently deleted the one I was looking for, and I like this one so… there you go.

I wrote this poem about a former student I did some counseling with years ago. She was a cutter, who would cut herself on her body to watch the blood flow out as she thought it was the only way to get the…

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Commentary for January 2nd, 2014:  It always seem right at the beginning of a new year that many of us come to the realization more deeply what true friendship is really about.  I find myself with just one friend in that category.  In Don, I see me.  We both adore our wife’s.  We both believe that the world did not owe us a living.  We are both deep in our 70’s and realize are days are greatly “numbered,” yet we try to face each day with courage.  Thank you Don Ball this New Year of 2015 as to what “Friendship” really means.
With the passing of time
I have come to realize that there are truly
spaces that are never filled
by the loss of friends who were very personal
to my mind and heart.
Through the years
do the memories of Cliff and Tom
constantly come to my mind.
Never are they dead in my heart.
I see each of them
special in their concern for me
as the friends they were to me
and yes the love they rendered to me.
Have they been replaced in the void left by their absence?
No one has accomplished that.
Cliff was the short, large man from the deep South
always with a tale of lesson and advice not wanted
but when given
seemed well placed.
He spoke of home and craw-fish
his Mother and his victories in life
never of his losses.
You knew he was special
a special person to know.
The same stories he related never got old
just deeper in meaning.
The straight-laced
IBM type of guy was Tom.
He seemed to have found victories too early in his life
burning, dying as a shooting star.
An anger was present about him that could never be explained.
Tom loved a good meal and good drinks.
Save the waiter or waitress who spoke too much while serving!
He was there to savor the moment
should it be his last.
As Tom’s life was coming to an end
he maintained his pride to the last-minute in a VA hospital
wearing a blue blazer that no longer fit;
no one cared about his past.
I miss Tom’s advice to me,
his laughter at my watch
that he thought was such a great sales job
because I had to push a button
to tell time.
His loud laughter rang in the night
raising high his special drink
to wish me and all
the best of life.
I miss both of these men.
They were the special friends of a lifetime
never to be replaced.
They are in my heart each day
with the warmest of love to my dearest friends
Cliff and Tom.
Whenever you both may be
in the great wonder of it all
I am one person
who misses you both
oh……….. ever so much.

John J. Rigo, Texas' Poet and Commentator:

This is another one of my faithful followers who is on the top of the list of my faithful followers on my poetry WordPress Blog. Since my own wife is a two-time breast cancer survivor, the writer has much to say about overcoming and dealing with Cancer. Worth a read if you or someone is also dealing with this dreaded sickness.

Originally posted on cancerkillingrecipe:

I got no internet yet. I’m waiting. I’m posting this from my friend’s house in a snowstorm. I have to work 7 days a week but sometimes I can go out for a few hours! GREAT!!!
You see I told the old lady (she’s 20 years older than me, so she’s old – I’m not :) ) and I told her relatives during the interview that internet is very important to me. And I will pay for it. But they were very slow with helping me to get connected. They probably thought there is no rush, why can be so important for an average older woman, housekeeper, to get internet? They don’t know that I’m not average. I never was and I am not planning to be an average never :) How could I explain to those people that I am not only housekeeper but also wordpress queen of inspiration…

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"A perfect New Year's Eve" on Cedar Creek Lake in East Texas. Copyright 2014 John J. Rigo

“A perfect New Year’s Eve” on Cedar Creek Lake in East Texas. Copyright 2014 John J. Rigo


Courtesy of bloggingprince.blogspot.com

Commentary:  We are preparing for the perfect New Year’s evening at home.  A Fire, a great tender steak, beef sausage, baked potato, with of course, the veggies, all with great Margaritas, me and my Bride.  Blessings and a great New Year’s Eve to my WordPress family! 
We sit quietly 
you and me.
I trace your lips
with the tip of my finger
your smile at my joy comes so easily to you.
The corner of your mouth dimples 
showing a special wrinkle that always speaks 
beauty to me.
The pressure of your lips pressed on my hand 
is warm and safe 
with just a hint of passion 
during a moonlight evening. 
I kiss your neck 
ever so lightly 
with a breath in a rush of air
upon your ears.
You then giggle and start to laugh. 
With the rise of your breasts in a deep breath 
you reach and place your lips 
warm and soft against mine. 
My heart pounds within my being. 
I rest on your chest. 
It is a perfect evening 
with just you and me.


Our Beloved "Mickey" the oldest of our two pets.

Our Beloved “Mickey” the oldest of our two pets.

This poem was orginally posted on January 1st, 2012.
This coming January 5th, 2015, it will be three years since we lost our pets on that terrible day. Even though we have since been blessed by four new birds given to us, nothing will ever replace Mickey and Minnie.
Update on January 5th, 2012:  This past Wednesday night at 10 p.m., Channel Eight News at WFAA.com did a news piece on this story by reporter, Jobin Panicker.  It seems that this Frigidaire Gallery Electric stove is a “Killer” with the “self-clean” option engaged.  It is our belief that this option when engaged may have been the killer of many babies, older senior and pets over the years.  We believe the manufacturer of these products with the Telfon coatings have kept a low profile on these unreported deaths due to this malfunction and coating.   Following is the Link to that Channel Eight Dallas/Ft. Worth TV Story with full video:
Today we lost our Beloved Pets.
Mickey was the oldest of our two blue and gold parrots.
He was seventy-one in human years.
We had Mickey for over twenty-four years.
Minnie was fifty in human years.
We had her for over seventeen years.
We loved these two bird dearly.
They were our beloved family.
They were irreplaceable in our hearts.
The accident was tragic.
They were on their bird stands in our great room.
It was our beloved lake house on Cedar Creek Lake in Texas.
We had the new electric stove for a short while.
The night before my wife fixed a punkin pie for friends.
It was a New Years party and the home of our friends.
The pie boiled and overflowed in the oven.
This morning with the birds in room
my wife turned on the “self-clean” feature.
Within an hour the birds acted strangely
like they could not breath.
We rushed them both to the front
porch while they were grasping for breath.
They both died with minutes of each other.
We love Mickey and Minnie with all our hearts.
Our lives will never be the same without them. 

Basic Training and Adminstrative School, U.S. Air Force 1959, Lackland Air Force Base, Texas

Administrator, Cosmic Top Secret Control Registry for Headquaters ICEDEFOR under NATO Command, 1962-1963, John J. Rigo Airman First Class, Age 21

This blog posting is an opportunity to honor both fallen soldiers and living veterans across our nation. Only us former veterans who served can understand the bond we share, in the Love and Honor that we render to our country.  This blog posting is to honor those veterans who have served our country this Christmas season of 2014.   John J. Rigo Served honorably from 1959 to 1963 in the U.S. Air Force in both SAC and the NATO Commands.  My fellow veterans, families who have lost loved ones in service for their country, and those of you who Love America this Christmas season, feel free to post your “Like” link to show your support for our veterans.

Courtesy of backwoodsmama.com

Courtesy of backwoodsmama.com

I have been with WordPress with a continuing blog going on six years.  Texas Poetry. Net is my second major blog with WordPress.  Since my site is Christian based as a believer in Jesus Christ as my Savior, I found my previous blog site under “attack” almost two years ago at a point of almost 30,000 hits.  In anger I took the site down and deleted it. 

The contacts I received by e-mail and personal phone calls were overwhelming in bringing my new and previously published poetry work back to a WordPress site, hence the creation of Texas Poetry. Net. It is the greatest of thanks and appreciation that I fully realized that my WordPress Family has become “My Only Real Family” in my life.  Blessings to each and every one of you in your personal comments and encouragement on my postings over the last year. 

John J. Rigo, Texas' Poet and Commentator:

We are proud to announce that our new winery sign is here. “Stewart-Rigo Winery” formerly “Silver Star Winery of Texas”

Originally posted on Stewart-Rigo Winery:

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There is something wonderous about a hug.
It is a way of saying,”you are special to me.”
A step beyond the boundries of formal convention.
The assurance of a heart touching a heart.
A touch of comfort to calm a grieving heart.  
A cheek touching a cheek
with a kiss of greeting.
Whether a man to man
or woman to woman
or man to woman
or woman to man
there are no limits to showing
our love for another.
We are all souls in His creation
with an eternal bond between us all.
The hug is the sign of our sisterhood and brotherhood.
Let it not become forgotten in your life
it is precious honey to the wounds of this life
forever giving
forever loving
in the wonder of love
to us all.

lightofheavenAs death comes closer to my door

my eyes, though weak, seem to become clearer

about what I see about me.

Something about the look of God’s creations

that I did not notice before now

In seeing this creation

a wonderment stops my breath.


Is it the sound of wind singing

that I had not noticed before now?

Is it the vastness of the night skies filled with a beauty

beyond words that I cannot describe?


I find myself noticing beauty in people

a beauty that before

I did not see.

I see beauty in the old, the sick

the visions that I used to turn away from seeing

but no longer do.

 I feel the pain and joy of other people

I used to not feel such things.

The laughter of a child

ringing like a heavenly bell,

pealing in a meadow

sounds in my ears.

Is this God’s way of saying

“Look at what you have missed earlier in your life?”

I am not sure

but I do know

now I have become more thankful.

More thankful each day

for the gifts God has given to me.


I seem to be getting closer to heaven each day.

I now know, what I see, hear and Feel

are all but a small part of what will be in God’s world.


I can only hope

that in this twilight of my life

I might become worthy

in the areas that I have been unworthy.

May I be worthy of the love and blessings

He has given me in this life.

Thank you God

for this day.


Picture taken with Samsung smart phone on December 10th, 2014 at 706 at Northwood Shores on Cedar Creek Lake in East Texas.  Copyright 2014 by John J. Rigo

Picture taken with Samsung smart phone on December 10th, 2014 at 706 at Northwood Shores on Cedar Creek Lake in East Texas. Copyright 2014 by John J. Rigo

View from “Oz” at 7 a.m. on February 25th 2012 on Cedar Creek Lake, Texas

View from “Oz” on Cedar Creek Lake, Texas, February 25th 2012 at 7 a.m.


“Another View of God’s Church”

I have been to many churches in my lifetime.
None can compare to the beauty of my church.
My church lies outside my back door.
Before me lies miles of beautiful water
its beauty more clarifying upon a Sunrise morning.
The clouds above this church of God’s home
are higher than any church steeple.
There is no wall or ceiling painting to equal
the clouds above my church.
No gilded statue that equals the sun’s glory
as it breaks forth upon the horizon.
There is no choir that rises above the sweet sound
of the wind that sings across my ears.
There is no preacher, preaching to me
nor a basket asking for my coin.
No where else can one
be any closer to God.

Courtesy of sligofbay.hubpages.com

Courtesy of sligofbay.hubpages.com

If I could be anything

I would be a healer.

A touch of a hand

would render all illnesses healed.

It was then the voice spoke and said,

“You are my healer.

For I will bring before you

those broken of spirit.

By simply sharing your own story

will their spirits be healed.”

It was then I realized

that we all are healers.

A Special Thank-You to our supporters in our future vineyard and winery in East Texas.


Courtesy of Favin.com

I kiss thee
with my heart
upon my lips.
My breath held
in anticipation
of the moment.
Held so long
afraid to take
that next breath.
This magic
overtakes me
in this moment
forever locked
in your embrace.